Ethernalis Beta Crash Testing for the brave

It's been too long!

Firstly I would like to apologise for the very long time it took to send you an update. I have been working on this project on and off for a very long time now and while some of the newly developed features made their way to the social media, very few of our friends and supporters got to actually play the updated version which over time grew so far apart from the early alpha release.

Having said that, the game is still far from finished and whilst I feel uneasy publishing a half baked development build, I can no longer, with clear conscious simply tease you with previews, videos and screenshots.

So, since you have been warned that:

  • - we have a very limited time to work on this project as "extra time" is rarer than mage crystals
  • - this is a dev build and we're still figuring things out as we go - expect bugs, crashes and server updates
  • - the game requires internet connection as game logic is processed on our servers
  • - since the game is free and we fund it ourselves we make no promises or constrain to any deadlines

and you're still brave enough to try it, we salut you and invite you to read on...

The World of Beta

1. Technically ...

There is a tremendous amount of changes and updates that happened between the early alpha released here years ago and what is currently in the beta build but the first change we need to discuss is the login requirement. Previously Ethernalis client automatically created account with our servers upon first launch of the application whilst now you will need to register to play by visiting This allows you to continue gameplay on different computers and help us troubleshoot and better understand any issues reported by players.

The second most important change is that all game resources are now part of the client executable which means that instead of being downloaded and cached each time you start the game they are now loaded from disk - this has an enormous positive impact on the performance of the game but it means that we will have to rethink shipping updates which at this time will require users to re-download after each "major" update is announced (server side updates will not require this and will happen all the time).

The beta client is now available for free download for Windows x64 and MacOS.

2. What's new

There is a ton of changes - please see the list below where I will try to highlight some most important ones:

  • - Enemies can change location and traverse the dungeon
  • - Over 150+ new cards: items, enemies, spells locations and more
  • - Added location actions menu (Mining, foraging, fishing and more)
  • - Dungeons now generate random features and can favour particular type of enemy and location
  • - Added card type "Shield"
  • - Ability to destroy containers
  • - All craftable cards will now show their recipes in the info screen
  • - Added inflictions (critical hits against player can result in injuries etc)
  • - Click x in the top right of the inventory panel to bring it to center and zoom in to the game board to view your equipment by category
  • - Each character class has their own level up options that will determine how they advance their skills and attributes (currently capped to lvl 2)
  • - Disable/enable light shaders in Setting (by pressing [ESC] on your keyboard) - do this if your computer struggles with animations

3. Dying a lot!

Perma-death was always a part of Ethernalis and is not going away, ever, but if you find yourself constantly creating new characters and starting from scratch do not despair! You will figure it out! It does get easier!

Here's few things that are not at all obvious and hard to figure out without a little bit of research:

  • - Use mouse scroll to zoom in on the game board. Once zoomed hover over the top and bottom edges of your screen to see different sections.
  • - enemies travel between locations if there is a space for them to do so! you can drop cards in the location slots to prevent them from doing so (dropping a feather in the right place CAN stop an ogre from visiting your hideout)
  • - pressing [c] on your keyboard will show you crafting recipes for all items that can be created in the game along with a list of all resources you need to collect to create them.
  • - when thirst and hunger bar reach 100% your character will start taking damage each turn until is dies (look after these stats and use crafting to prepare better meals)
  • - location is very important - it can have positive or negative effect on your character and some locations offer additional actions for you to take (click on location info to see what you can do there and toggle between stats/actions)
  • - Watch the action log populated on the right side of the game board to what happens when enemies execute their turn or you take an action
  • - Map is a luxury in beta! you will have to craft your own! find the ingredients and use "Combine" to create one.

What's next and where is this going?

I honestly have no idea - some days I feel like this is nearly a playable game other days I feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of work required for Ethernalis to become what I intended for it be. My guess is we're going to take it slow and keep on working on it until we're happy.

Whatever comes next I will try to do a better job of keeping you in the loop.

As always please feel free to contact me with info on bugs, your questions and ideas!

Thanks for all your kind words and support!



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