A downloadable Ethernalis for Windows

Ethernalis is a roguelike, dungeon-crawler with RPG elements set in a dark fantasy world represented through game cards.

Ethernalis is still in alpha stage but we enjoy it already and are full of ideas for making it just the game we always wanted to play. Players can choose their character and discover the world torn by the immediate danger of the undead armies in the roguelike turn based card game.

Collect equipment, cast spells and discover randomly generated dungeons to support Imperial campaigns or join the forces of Evil to unleash the death lurking in the mountain depths for millennia.

Please note: this is an early access game and is currently under development. We appreciate all your support and we hope you'll enjoy our game as much as we do.

Thanks for you feedback and support o/


Tune in on twitter: @nospoonnocake

Find out more: www.ethernalis.com

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StatusIn development
Release date Feb 19, 2017
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Card Game
TagsDark Fantasy, Dungeon Crawler, ethernalis, Fantasy, Roguelike, Tactical RPG
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


ethernalis-win64.zip 1 GB
Version 3 67 days ago


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Hello, i cant play the game..

when i login and select the characters... show the 'map not found'

game dead?

Hi the last requiem,

Apologies, I think the server may have encountered an issue. Please try again now.

Game isn't dead by any means but I have been so busy working on this project that I have neglected the proof of concept versions released here :/

I am currently in a middle of a massive update and the itch version of the client still relies heavily on the connection to the cloud server (newer version will host all aspects of the game locally which results in crazy performance improvement ). 

I will soon remove the this client from itch as it's no longer representative of the game, but I hope that you will be able to start it now and get an idea of what the concept behind ethernalis is. 



I got an issue with the connecting to gameserver screen is never loading and is in the way and i cant seem to login idk what im doing wrong but i REALLY want to try out your game 

ive tried to create a "login" at your website but all i get to do it create a username i think and nothing else happens :) 


Hi Zervius,

Sorry for the issues, please try creating the login on the website again now, you should get  a prompt with  login details as soon as you press register.   Please let me know if that has worked for you.


Same issue for me

I created a name on the website and got a password

But when i type them in, the "log in button" doesn't work

When i push the escape Button i come to the main menu weirdly enough

But as the user before stated, the "connecting to game server" screen just never disappears (understandable, as i couldn't log in)


Hi, please try again now, should be fixed - server was was down as it ran out of space :(  Sorry for inconvenience!


It worked

Thank you very much for your hard work!

Game is dead?

Hi Rainbow_Lotus not dead, stay tuned for beta release, you can follow updates on the beta on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram too o/

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i could not play this for long. i do not like the UI. having to move the screen as often as it's needed. to get information or do anything. is not fun.

Random thoughts

made for phone? screen so small.

after choosing the small length quest with the elf. it stayed on the screen with the description. i had to restart the game to continue.

Hi shayoko,

Thank you for your feedback - the mobile port indeed has quite a few quirks which make the PC experience difficult.   

Have you tried the PC version?  - it's here available for download - We have created it exactly for these reasons.

Thanks again o/


i somehow downloaded the wrong version apparently. sorry about that.

Hi shayoko, 

No worries, let us know if your experience with the desktop version is any better. Please note this is an alpha version and will soon be replaced by a significantly different built.

All best o/


Hello haha i really like your game and cant wait for more!

Thank you so much!

This means a world to us here :D

We will be posting updates every week so stay tuned.